It's the moments that save my life, nobody knows about, like flashlights

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But guys my new pug opened her eyes this week! I get her at the end of this month!!! taylorswift i think I deserve a follow for this

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teachers should be payed so much more like honestly they are some of the most hardworking people. my mom is a teacher and not only has a full-time job teaching at school but she has me and my siblings to take care of and a tremendous amount of papers to grade every night. TEACHERS DESERVE MORE CREDIT THAN THEY GET

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im very passionate about this subject;



HQ Nashville LifeStyles cover (X)

Possibly my favorite magazine cover from this era.

Wed, 01st October  106

@LizHernandez: Hangin’ out in Nashville with @taylorswift13! Coming soon to @accesshollywood. 🎥 #1989

accesshollywood: Gorgeous!!! @TaylorSwift poses with @LizHernandez following our HUGE new interview with Taylor today in Nashville! So much more to come with Taylor all this week on Access! #1989 #AccessTaylor1989 #LizHernandez #TaylorSwift #Nashville

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Taylor Swift holding the 1989 album packaging

Wed, 01st October  1308
Long live The Red Tour 
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Junior/Senior war MF

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Tue, 30th September  10342


But Taylor Swift Like Really Gets It.

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no it’s becky

Tue, 30th September  6095

Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind, because I can’t picture how it could work with the way my life is.

Tue, 30th September  2956
Taylor Swift for Vogue UK 2014
Tue, 30th September  254

Taylor’s Subway commerical

Tue, 30th September  497

taylorswift looks so hot in vogue uk like hot damn

Tue, 30th September


Taylor must have done Vogue UK back in June!

Tue, 30th September  344
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